Privacy Policy

We are a professional software provider and maintain high quality customer care service by following some rules and regulations under the law. Our privacy policy is easy to follow and understand.

Here we let you know that we keep your information intact. It is safe with us. None of your data is disclosed to any third person. It is our responsibility to maintain happy customer relationship by winning the trust of consumers. And we are doing this consistently.


Visitors who visit our site are monitored by us. Both existed and new visitors are monitored by us. We monitor their activities carefully. Clients who registered with us provide their personal data like email id, name, address and phone number. We collect the data and save it to our computer which is protected with passwords to maintain privacy. No one can access without our permission.

Our Intentions

  • Our intentions are cleared and focused. We maintain transparency with our clients.
  • Visitors who visitor our site help us to improve our browsing experience. We monitor their browsing to improve our site presence.
  • Clients who are registered with us get free updates through email service.
  • “Note: Each email of us carry unsubscribe button if you don’t want to receive any mail from us in future, you can click the unsubscribe button.”


Cookies are welcome by us. It is flashed to know the interest of consumers. As any visitor of our site click a cookie, the link takes the visitor to our partner site. These partners are not allowed to view your personal data.

Is Your Information Revealed to Any?

No one! But it can be disclosed to third parties if they give an assurance that it is not misused. The process is followed under the law system.

Our Rights

We have the right to make changes in our information at any time. We are not going to inform our visitors about this. It can be happen any time without any notice.