Extract Attachments from Outlook PST

Now, extract desired attachment of Outlook with just a few simple clicks. This is a versatile program, capable to move Outlook attachments to various file extensions including .jpg, .png, .zip, .txt and .pdf formats. Select your desired file extension to save attachments. Outlook Attachment Extractor is a standalone tool that works independently. It exports entire data of Outlook attachments. The tool features the list of attachments exported to JPG or PNG format.

Key Features of Extraction Attachment from Outlook

  • PST file extractor is capable to extract the selected PST file attachments.
  • It removes duplicate attachments based on File Name and File Size
  • Give you the flexibility to save the extracted attachments on different file extensions like JPG, PNG, PDF etc…
  • The tool saves the extracted attachments to user's specified location…
  • The process of extraction is smooth and flawless, preserves content structure, hyphen, dash and other elements.
  • Capable to extract attachments of healthy PDF files only
  • The tool is highly compatible with all the latest Windows versions including XP, Vista and 10

Additional Features

Outlook Attachment Extractor has capacity to extra email addresses, contacts and calendars. It saves the extracted contacts in vCard format to allow you open the data in various smart gadgets like Blackberry. The tool extracts calendars to save in ICS format. All email addresses are extracted safely to create a list of important email IDs. Get ready to try the free demo version of PST Extractor at your Windows platforms. The tool demo version takes less than a minute to download. It assists you to evaluate the key functions of the program closely.